13. Refusal of Work

Keith v. Chrysler Corp. – 13.01

Keith v. Chrysler Corp.
Digest No. 13.01
Section 421.29(1)

Cite as: Keith v. Chrysler Corp, 390 Mich. 458, 213 N.W.2d 147 (1973)
Court: Supreme Court of Michigan
Appeal pending: No
Claimant: John Keith
Employer: Chrysler Corporation
Date of decision: December 18, 1973

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HOLDING: On appeal, the court held that the employee was provided a reasonable time to report for the interview because the employer waited two and one-half months to file a notice of possible disqualification.

FACTS: The employee was hired by defendant employer to work at a certain location. He was laid off for lack of available work. The employer notified the employee of an interview for work at a different location, but the employee did not go. The appeal board disqualified the employee from receiving unemployment benefits for failure to comply with the requirements of ยง 29(1)(d) of the MESA, by failing, without good cause, to report to his employer for the interview. The appeals court upheld the appeal board’s decision.

DECISION: The court affirmed the appeals court’s decision to uphold the appeal board’s denial of unemployment benefits to the employee.
RATIONALE: The employee showed no good cause for his failure where the interview was a reasonable distance from his residence and the time was flexible. His dislike for the potential work and desire to maintain status at the first plant did not constitute good cause.

Digest author: Toni Suh, Michigan Law, Class of 2020
Digest updated: January 29, 2021