05. Denial Periods

Riekse v Grand Rapids Public Schools – 5.04

Riekse v Grand Rapids Public Schools
Digest no. 5.04

Section 27(i)

Cite as: Riekse v Grand Rapids Pub Schools, 144 Mich App 790 (1985).

Appeal pending: No
Claimant: Nancy Riekse
Employer: Grand Rapids Public Schools
Docket no.: B83 16325 93580W
Date of decision: August 6, 1985

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COURT OF APPEALS HOLDING: If a teacher had a reasonable expectation of re-employment during the next academic year, unemployment compensation may be properly denied.

FACTS: Claimant had been a substitute teacher for the past seven years in the employer’s school system. During the ending school year, claimant had taught 125 days. Claimant received a letter from the employer indicating that, “based upon the best financial data available and a comprehensive analysis of projected staffing needs,” she could be reasonably assured that she would be offered a substitute teaching position during the incoming school year. Claimant returned an application for employment as a substitute and attended an in service meeting for teachers on September 6, 1983.

DECISION: Claimant is ineligible for unemployment benefits.

RATIONALE: Claimant had substantial and reasonable assurance that she would be re-employed. She had been employed as a substitute teacher for seven preceding years. The letter expressly stated claimant was reasonably assured of employment. Claimant had attended in service training. The term reasonable assurance does not require a formal written or oral agreement to rehire.

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